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Sometimes, you have to write something out of honesty because the truth scratches at your feed, like a cat that needs to be fed. I enjoy writing articles that help people. But, sometimes, I also want to share things about myself. Sometimes, I just want to connect.

I’m not a suit and tie. I never have been. And yet, I still feel totally comfortable in a room of suits and ties because, as long as I can be myself, I’m happy. I am half bulldog, half clown. In fact, it’s been really difficult trying to carve out a unique brand for my services because I am so many things.

And then, a friend of mine said to me the other day, “I can’t write like you do. In fact, not a lot of people can write like you.” That’s when I realized that my brand is what makes all artists special: honesty. It’s the ability to write and say things that others cannot, for whatever reason. I’m not a provocateur by any means. But, if you want to get down to the crux of an issue, that’s me. And I’ll do it as openly as possible, because I don’t like hiding behind jargon. 


Creative pic of Julie

Artists have a way of being beautifully open. They take on our pain and externalize it for us. They even put aside their own pain to bring us joy. I know this from experience.

“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.” (Robin Williams)

I know that the minute I associate anything I write, or anything I say with my business, it’ll be perceived as a commercial endeavour. You can’t change people’s minds about that. Businesses have been using people for a really long time. It’s atrocious how some of them have violated people’s trust.  It’s such a problem, that even if you want to help people out of goodwill, your message won’t reach them. Sometimes, as an individual business owner, you just want to encourage people. But, it ain’t that easy getting people to trust your good intentions because other people have ruined it for everyone.

And yeah, there’s a time and place for me to charge clients, and to seek out new business. There’s a reason I’m writing this here and not on my personal website. Let’s not kid ourselves, you’re not gonna get any new clients if no one knows who the fuck you are.

I don’t know the answers to everything. I’m not someone who has experience in Marketing departments for big, multinational organizations. But, I stand by everything I know, and all of the knowledge I’ve acquired throughout the years. I stand by the stuff I know is true.

As artists, we’re also capable of doing more than producing art. We’re able to put an honest piece of ourselves into everything we do. Have you ever seen an artist cook?? It can be as magnificent as watching them paint! 

I started this thing out of pure love. I really, honestly love helping people craft their future, whether they’re artists, or not. I don’t care if I’m helping out a dentist, a plumber, a woodworker, or a funeral director. I believe that there’s a place for strategists with creative backgrounds to help guide small businesses. An artist is a visionary, and an artist with a business background is doubly dangerous.

I do this because I can’t imagine doing anything else. It fulfills every part of me, and working with clients is like building a new house together. It’s like cooking together. It’s like creating a new masterpiece, together. Seeing people succeed makes me so excited – I love it with every inch of my heart.