Julie Laurin

Julie Laurin

Owner, Strategist

I have been: an artist, a performer, a photographer, a referee, a coach, a high school teacher of adults, a podcaster, a software manager, and a science communicator. As a creative individual, I have always concentrated my efforts on producing unique and engaging content, because if you have great content, the rest is easier.

I’ve always been split between the arts, technology, and science.  As a software manager for most of my adult life, I’ve stayed on top of technical innovations. With an expertise in quality assurance, I devoted my professional life to making sure that companies were creating software that was functional, easy to use, and which met strict criteria in security and usability.

In 2018, I lost the ability to walk unassisted for about six months, due to a neurological condition.  That experience changed my life. It made me value my time a lot more, and it made me want to help people, connect with them, and share more of my curiosities with the world.

In 2019, I created an online science project called A Tiny World to help others discover the microscopic world around them. That project went viral, and continues to surpass its goals today. My entire focus has been devoted to sharing this world with others, and now, I want to help you do the same for your own projects.

It’s not easy to find a good consultant to work with. I get it. Working with me means that you’ll never have to guess, or feel misguided. One of the main reasons why people hire me is because they realize that they can’t do it alone. I’m here to help.

– Julie Laurin

Below, some of my artistic work, and some of the artists I’ve worked with:

Artists I have worked with.

And if you’re curious, here are two of my personal projects! “A Tiny World” is a science webite, and “Planet B612” is a podcast that features interviews with artists and scientists!