The world fascinates me.

Julie Laurin

Julie Laurin

When I was little, I wondered why the grown-ups always sat down at the dinner table for coffee. My parents would have friends over, they’d have coffee or drinks and they’d play cards. Every single time. I was a floor sitter; I liked sitting on the floor, starfishing, spreading out over whatever furniture was around. To this day, I still prefer a couch meeting over a table one.

I also never understood why we’re so adamant about the 8 hour work day, why we have so many meetings about meetings, and why organizations tolerate so much incompetence. I never understood why start-ups felt immune from needing to be organized, and why big corps felt like everything had to be overly bureaucratic without ever really getting much done. I did a lot of things the hard way, until I started figuring out how the world works, and why it’s all setup that way.

As a business owner, as an artist, and as a former Tech industry manager for twenty years, I decided to blog about business, and the working world. I want to explore all facets of these worlds, the “game”, the thrill of being entrepreneurial. I like to think that I have an opinion on it all, and it’s an opinion that’s best shared in writing, preferably outside the constraints of a social media post.

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– Julie Laurin